A Week Of Meals For Springtime

Need some meal planning inspiration?

We eat in rhythm with the seasons, and this is a week of meals for springtime we love to eat! I go into detail about each meal in the video, and I also have other posts with even more tips!

I highly recommend giving seasonal eating a try. Take it from me, asparagus in April or May is a world better than asparagus in November.

A few other seasonal things we are eating this early spring (April) are:

  • greens (spinach, lettuce, chard, kale)
  • lots of eggs (these are in season all year, but they are extra abundant in the spring, so we eat more of them)
  • peas
  • herbs

We are also finishing off the last of the jams, jellies, and frozen produce from last year’s garden.

What are your favorite springtime meals?

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