Tips For Packing Up a House- Minimalist Style

We are supposed to be moving in two weeks, and over the past month, lots of people have been asking me if I have started packing yet. So much so, that I started feeling like I must be way behind, (I hadn’t packed anything yet) and I should have lots of stuff packed already. This is my first time to move an entire household, and I was really confused about how it would work to have all my stuff boxed up, and not be able to use it for weeks.

I began asking around, trying to figure out what everyone meant, and this is basically what everyone said.

“Oh, you should pack all the stuff you hardly ever use, or don’t need in the next month or so.”

That was my light bulb moment. Don’t get me wrong, it was great advice, but as a minimalist, I don’t really have stuff that we hardly ever use!! Other than our off season clothes, my nice china set, and a couple extra blankets and sheets, we only keep stuff that we use often. (By often, I mean daily or weekly). Plus, there is the whole issue of having boxes sitting everywhere for weeks at a time. That would drive me nuts!

So, I stopped freaking out, and made a plan for packing. Minimalist style. 🙂

  • Go ahead and pack up the things I listed above, that we won’t need between now and moving time.
  • Pack the majority of our belongings (decor, books, any dishes and clothes we can do without for a couple days) the week of the move.
  • Pack the kitchen, remaining clothes, and bathroom stuff the evening before we move.

I will also put off grocery shopping until after we move, so that the fridge will be as empty as possible.

Last weekend, I got step #1 done. All our extra stuff is boxed up, and stacked in the closet in Finn’s room.


Minimalist Packing

Here are a few more ideas I am finding helpful as I pack, and plan our move.

  • Always be looking for things you can live without. If you haven’t used it in the last season it was meant for, then get rid of it! You obviously don’t need it! I was packing our winter hats and gloves, and realized that there were several that I had never seen anyone wearing before! So I packed only the ones we actually use, and donated the rest to Goodwill. That way, I have less stuff to store at the new house, and I won’t be wasting time moving stuff we don’t need.
  • Organize as you pack. If you have items scattered throughout the house, that would be better off stored together, then pack those all together. We have such limited storage at this house, that stuff like our card and board games are stored in 3 different places. So when I was packing, I went around and gathered all the games and packed them in one box.
  • Label the boxes with a list of the items inside, and in larger print, label the room you want it to go in. That way, whoever is moving you can know where to put the boxes, AND you can know exactly what is in each box as you unpack.
  • I also recommend labeling the top and the side of the box with the room name. No need to write the contents twice though.



So, there you have it. A few tips that I have learned in this packing process, that will help you to reduce your belongings to things that you actually use, and to not lose you mind as you are moving!



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  1. Lovely post! My sister will be very glad to have your ideas and suggestions on mind while preparing her family’s move. Thank you for all the nice advises!

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