The Blessingway

Some of you are probably wondering,

“What the heck is a blessingway?”

A Blessingway is an old Navajo tradition that celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood.

The modern blessingway is similar to a baby shower, but well wishes and blessings for the mother-to-be are given in place of gifts. There are all kinds of blessingways that range from the very spiritual/hippy, to the very mainstream, but they all have one thing in common: nurturing the pregnant woman.

My blessingway when I was pregnant with Finn was small and intimate.

There were a few old rituals we followed, then I was given a beautiful flower crown, and a lovely banner to hang in my baby room for when I was in labor. Everyone had such sweet, encouraging things to say to me, and I felt so incredibly loved and empowered afterwards.

I have also had the opportunity to attend a couple of my friend’s blessingways in the last few months. Each time, I leave with that same feeling of empowerment, support, and thankfulness for the wonderful community of amazing women I am blessed with.


  Whether you are planning a home birth, an epidural, or scheduling a c-section, I highly recommend having a blessingway!

Surround yourself with your closest friends, and they will give you love and light for your upcoming birth.

Have you ever attended a blessingway?




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  1. I love this beautiful idea. this is certainly something I wish I had known about when I was pregnant. Thank you for sharing.

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