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If you are longing for more simplicity in your hectic lifestyle, or are just craving a more beautiful life, then you are in the right place!

Here on A Return To Simplicity I explore the art of living well, simplifying and creating beauty all around us every day.  

Keeping our homes clean and tidy, eating well, having a beautiful wardrobe, and cultivating the art of “joie de vivre” are just a few of the topics I share here.

Here are some of my most popular blog posts and topics:

Fashion & Wardrobe
Fall/Winter 10 Item capsule wardrobe for 2016. Learn about the 10 item wardrobe and how you can transform your life by creating your own 10 item wardrobe!








Cleaning & Tidying

minimalist-cleaning-suppliesClean & Organized Fridge 5Cleaning motivation, and why a clean and tidy home matters!How To Only Do Laundry Once A Week | areturntosimplicity.comSimplify your life by establishing a weekly routine (Inside the house) | areturntosimplicity.comAre your mornings crazy and stressful? Here is a real life morning routine that keeps mornings sane and enjoyable!Quick and easy tips for keeping a clean and tidy home while

Cooking & Menu Planning

Love menu plans, but hate having to actually plan them every week? Here is how I quickly and easily created a rotating seasonal menu plan for the entire year! | areturntosimplicity.comBulk Freezer Cooking 1How To Make Fruit Leather | areturntosimplicity.comInnovative way to store your stock! How to make Bouillon Cubes! | areturntosimplicity.comMenu Planning Tips



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