So The Homestead Hunt Begins…

For the last 3 years, we have been renting a small brick rancher on a couple of acres.

Our landlord has very generously allowed us to have a few raised beds, chickens, and dogs on the property, BUT, we (especially me) are longing for some land of our own. I want a place to plant perennials, fruit trees, build fences, have a clothesline, etc… I want a place to put down roots- literally and figuratively.

So, we have finally begun a slow hunt for a house/property. *Ideally* we would love to find something around 5 acres, with a small to medium sized house, about 2/3 open field,  1/3 wooded, and some sort of water source.

Rather tall order huh?

Oh, and throw in the requirement that we want to stay in the same general area and county we are in now.

So far, we haven’t had much luck, but we are still just at the point of casual looking. There will be more posts to come, as we keep searching for our future homestead.

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