Simplifying Kid’s Toys

Recently, so many mamas have been telling me how overwhelmed they are with the mess their little ones create all day long.

Oh, I so understand!

Kids seem to master the art of destroying a clean and tidy house as one of their first milestones. 🙂

Take heart mamas, there is hope though! Today I am talking about one component of making your life SO much easier when you have little kids.


In a world of houses overflowing with toys, no wonder we are overwhelmed and frustrated!

The key is to only keep a small amount of toys out and available to play with.

This keeps housekeeping simple, and doesn’t overwhelm you or your with the task of always picking up huge amounts of toys.

We like to keep it simple with mostly “kid operated” toys like blocks, cars, trains, dolls, balls, etc.

Here is a look at how many toys we have for our kids and how we store them.

Here are a couple other posts about how we simplify our lives with children:

Do you feel like you are constantly surrounded by a mess of kid's toys? Here is how we have simplified kids toys in our household to avoid that problem.



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