What Would YOU Like To Hear From Me?

Today, I want to hear from you!!! So, I am taking a reader poll!

What would YOU like more posts about??

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I am so passionate about all of these things, but I really want to ratchet it down to what my readers most want to read.

Please vote, and feel free to let me know in the comments below which things would be most helpful and interesting to you!


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2 responses to “What Would YOU Like To Hear From Me?”

  1. JC says:

    To me, if you focus on your personal homesteading journey, you’ll be writing about green living, organization, real food, gardening, and the other topics. Your personal journey through it all is what brings it to life, and sets it apart from a purely informational blog. There is plenty of information online– people want to see how it’s working out in a real family. Have fun– I look forward to seeing your blog grow?

    • Angi says:

      Thank you for your comment here JC. I really appreciate the feedback! I really want to share more of our personal journey, and that is a very helpful way for me to look at it.

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