Simplify Your Life by Establishing A Weekly Routine

Simplify your life by establishing a weekly routine (Inside the house) |
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I love have a clean and tidy house.

Let’s face it though, it can be a challenge to keep it that way when you have a crawling, teething baby, a messy 10 year old, animals to take care of, meals to cook, and a husband who works a crazy schedule. (think 70+ hours a week).

It’s enough to make me lose my mind sometimes!

I have found that the #1 key to having a clean and tidy house without losing my sanity is keeping a weekly routine.

This is as simple as making a list of all the major tasks you have to accomplish each week, and assign a day for each task.

Here is what my weekly routine looks like:



  • Sweep and vacuum house
  • Wipe down bathrooms


  • Get groceries


  • Bake and do bulk cooking


  • Clean entire house


  • Work in the yard, do house or homestead projects


  • Menu plan
  • Schedule the coming week- (play dates or extra projects)


Pretty basic, but it really does work well for us.

I love the freedom of only having laundry going one day a week (not including cloth diapers), and ending the work week with a sparkling clean house is such a great feeling.

*When I was working full time, I did have to change the cleaning day to Saturday, and laundry to Sunday, but I stuck with the same general schedule.

Simplify your life by establishing a weekly routine (Inside the house) |

Are you frustrated with trying to keep your house clean? What does your week look like?


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7 responses to “Simplify Your Life by Establishing A Weekly Routine”

  1. Sherri Cotten says:

    Love it. I’ve always enjoyed learning from other Mom’s/wives; getting tips on how they do things. One tip I would give concerns cooking/meals. I try to get 2 meals out of cooking big items. If you’re going to heat up the kitchen by cooking some chicken or a roast, go ahead and cook plenty! First night might be roasted chicken then the leftovers can be made into a chicken salad, chicken tacos, etc. Those things are so easy and fast to throw together when the meat is already cooked. This should probably have gone under a different post, but oh well.

    • Angi says:

      Thanks for the tips mom! You taught me most of the things I post about, so thanks for all those years of teaching me as well!

  2. Alli says:

    I need to adopt some kind of schedule like this after I purge everything! It will make life easier!

  3. Melissa Q says:

    You are SO right about having a weekly cleaning “rhythm” like this. I discovered this truth about a year after getting married and it has helped me keep my home sane through two babies, five moves, and simple everyday life. Just discovered your blog and am enjoying the simple lessons as I learn alongside you.

  4. Lin says:

    This is great! I am in the military and work daily, but things still have to be accomplished. This is a great schedule. How have I never seen your site before. I really like it! Thank you Angi!

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