New Things

You guys, there have been so many new things going on behind the scenes of the blog this month, and I’m dying to start sharing them with you!

First of all, I’ve teamed up with an expert to bring you more awesome content about RUNNING YOUR HOME. 

Meet Sherri:

Sherri has raised (and homeschooled) 4 children, had multiple jobs as a personal chef and professional organizer, all while still making healthy meals, and keeping a very clean, tidy home. (You can read more about her here)

Sherri Profile 300x450

We will be sharing our tools and strategies that will empower you to RADICALLY change your home life for the better, allow you to keep a clean and tidy home ALL THE TIME, and leave you more time to spend with your family, pursue your hobbies, or do whatever you want to do!

We have new free goodies for you guys too!

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One response to “New Things”

  1. Leah Spencer says:

    I liked all the tips except the first one… I don’t have enough clothes to last me a week! 😝

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