My favorite pre-natal vitamins

This week, I have been reminded of how important it is for me to keep taking my prenatal vitamins!  I started feeling really tired, draggy, and grumpy, and I felt like no matter how much rest I got, or food I ate, it never made me feel any better. Then, I remembered that I had run out of my prenatal vitamins a week or two before, and didn’t think to reorder them. I’m pretty sure the iron is the main thing my body is missing right now. We also ran out of our beef share a while back, and we have been eating much less red meat since then, and I know that is probably contributing as well.

As a general rule, I try to get most of my vitamins and minerals from the food I eat, but knowing that most of the soil  food is grown in now days is very depleted, I feel that there are some times that supplementation is a good thing. Especially for pregnant/nursing moms.

I would only recommend consuming food based vitamins, and ones with either no soy, or fermented soy. These Garden of Life Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal‘s are my favorite for several reasons. They only use fermented soy, and are completely derived from real food.  They also contain real folate, instead of folic acid, which is a synthetic version of folate, and is not absorbed by the body as well. Also, you only have to take three, instead of four, like some other similar prenatals. While that may not seem like a big deal to some people, let me tell you, when you are a very nauseated pregnant lady, it makes a BIG difference! 🙂

prenatal vitamins

I plan to continue taking them as long as I am either pregnant or breastfeeding!

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