Morning Routine (with kids)

Ah, my mornings. I love them.

Ok, so I don’t always love prying myself out of my nice cozy bed, but here is what I do love:

A fresh start.

Walking into my beautifully clean kitchen.

Kitchen tour

Pouring that steaming cup of fresh coffee.

Greeting my kids as they wake up with rosy cheeks and sleepy eyes.

Taking a nourishing and huge breakfast out of the oven or off the stovetop and eating it at the table with my kids. (I’m nursing my baby, and I can EAT I tell you!)

Getting one kid off to school, and starting my day with a plan and a focus.

Is this a familiar scene in your home first thing in the morning?

I would venture to bet not.

I have always been pretty organized and had a decent system for getting my household chores done and yet somehow, my mornings seemed to be chaotic and stressful.

So, I took a really close look at what exactly was going awry with my mornings, and created a morning routine.

It made a world of difference let me tell you.

Now fast-forward a couple years, and I have had another baby, but my morning routine is still making my mornings a welcome event. Granted, it has had to be adjusted slightly as time has gone by. Newborn feedings and bus schedules are all subject to change, and the morning routine changes with those.

My mornings are not perfect. Sometimes I don’t get to bed early enough, or one of the little kids wakes me up in the middle of the night so I am grumpy and tired. Sometimes the kids are whining and difficult, and it makes things not so enjoyable.

However, our morning routine keeps things from ever getting far out of hand, and keeps my sanity ESPECIALLY on those not-so-awesome mornings.

You can see our entire morning routine, from the time I get up, to the time the kitchen is cleaned up after breakfast and we are moving on with our day. This isn’t a polished “morning routine” that I videoed in the middle of the day when a babysitter was here.

This is our real life morning routine, with the kids, the attitudes, the toddler grabbing the camera and whacking the baby with a toy.


What is the hardest part of your mornings? Have you tried a morning routine?

Ps-Check out our facebook page for some hilarious outtakes of this video!!!

Are your mornings crazy and stressful? Here is a real life morning routine that keeps mornings sane and enjoyable!

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4 responses to “Morning Routine (with kids)”

  1. Loved this! What a great example to show a struggling mama!

  2. Marcie says:

    I found you through Hillary. Can you tell me more about your composting/composter? Does it smell? How do you maintain it? What do you do with the compost? How long does it take to compost? I have wanted to compost, but did not want to have it sitting on a counter. I was happy to see that you stored the container under the sink 🙂

    • Angi says:

      Hi Marcie! Ok, so I use a stainless steel compost bucket that has a charcoal filter in the lid. I absolutely NEVER smell the compost with the lid on. As far as maintaining it, I just put compostable items in it until it is full, then I go dump it outside on my compost pile. The food does not compost in the compost bucket. It is simply a storage container for a day or so until I can take it out to the pile. I also have a post just about how I compost outside—->
      I totally am with you about not having it sitting out on my counter!! 🙂

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