Minimalist Cleaning Supplies

I was going through all the cleaners that were stashed under the bathroom sink, muttering not-so-nice words under my breath as I tried to find room for my hair dryer and curling iron.

I quit. I’m so over all these ridiculous bottles and brushes being jumbled under here.

No matter how I organized or arranged, the bottles and brushes were always getting moved or messed up, and they never looked very nice. The reason I had so many cleaning products is because I AM A SELF CONFESSED CLEAN FREAK.

I like everything to be clean all the time.

So, I set out to create a cleaner supply that met some pretty high standards and criteria. The cleaners had to:

  1. Be minimal. I didn’t want to deal with the jumble any more.
  2. Be effective. Again, I want my house to be CLEAN, not just semi-clean.
  3. Be attractive. I know this is very superficial, but I love to have my home be beautiful, and I don’t want to look at a big ugly mess under my sink.

Years later, here is what I now have in my minimalist cleaning supplies.

(Heads up, I’m not selling you on any brands, cleaners or affiliate products either!)


What 3 cleaners are your favorites? Do you need to pare down on the mass of cleaning supplies?

Are you overwhelmed with cleaners? Here are my minimalist cleaning supplies that I use to get my house incredibly clean each week!

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2 responses to “Minimalist Cleaning Supplies”

  1. Heidi says:

    What do you use for shower cleaner?

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