Very Merry Christmas Tag

I was tagged by Jennifer from The Daily Connoisseur to join this fun video with 9 questions on Christmas.

Jennifer’s channel The Daily Connoisseur

I tag:

Slow Fashion Mom

Joy Forney

Fiona Ferris

I also tag anyone who watches this video who wants to participate!

The Very Merry Christmas 2017 Questions:

1. What are your feelings on “black Friday” shopping? Are you brave and head out with the crowds, do you shop online or do you avoid it all together?

2. What is your favorite gift you’ve ever given to someone else

3. Christmas cards, yay or nay? If you do send cards what style do you go with? I.e. traditional (no photo), photo, funny or classy?

4. If you were a Christmas elf, what would your specialty be? Reindeer wrangler, chief decorator, toy maker, gift wrapper, baker or management?

5. Eggnog…do you pour a tall glass or do you throw it in the trash?

6. What is your Christmas decorating style? Classic red and green, shabby chic, country/farmhouse, colorful/jewel toned, etc? AND does your style change from year to year?

7. Favorite childhood Christmas memory?

8. If you could borrow Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve, where in the world would you go?

9. Favorite ornament (show, if possible)


I hope you get a chuckle and enjoy this Very Merry Christmas Tag 2017!

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One response to “Very Merry Christmas Tag”

  1. Your fav ornament was a nice surprise! I never knew you could make those!

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