How I Lost The Baby Weight + 10 More Pounds- Without Dieting!

I am horrible at dieting.

I feel lightheaded, fuzzy, and extremely grumpy whenever I try to cut calories, food groups, or restrict my eating in any extreme way. Plus, my self control is lame at best. (think Whole30 turned Whole4)

I LOVE to eat.

It just makes me happy to sit down and enjoy delicious food with my family, and I have finally found the secret to eating well, AND losing weight at the same time. 

My husband is pretty tickled with this, and not because he wanted me to lose weight, but rather, because he is not a big fan of me being grumpy and loopy like I am when I attempt to diet! Now, I am much happier and more pleasant to live with than I was back a few years ago when I was constantly working hard to stick to whatever diet I was doing at the time.

So here are my tips and tricks for losing weight painlessly without dieting!

I personally eat only REAL food, with minimal processed ingredients, and I cook all of our meals from scratch, but these tips can be applied to other lifestyles. 

  1. Don’t overeat, but don’t undereat either. Overeating makes you feel uncomfortable and is obviously too much food for your body. Undereating may work to lose weight for a while, but is not sustainable and leads to snacking or blood sugar crashes. Listen to your body!
  2. Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Don’t eat in front of the TV! Savor and focus on how amazing your food tastes!
  3. Don’t snack. A planned snack once a day (usually in the afternoon) is appropriate, but constant “snacking” all day is a problem. You consume way more food than you might think, you usually are not applying tip #2 when snacking, AND you don’t tend to savor and enjoy your meals as much when you are half full from constant snacking on and off all day.
  4. Eat foods that you love. By this I don’t mean just stuffing your face with cheetos because you love them. Real food is what we want to eat, but you don’t have to cut out gluten, fat, carbs or anything like that to lose weight. Just eat the real versions of them and not the processed versions. On the flip side, if there is a healthy food that you just can’t stomach, there is no need to force yourself to eat it just because it is healthy. There are plenty of alternative healthy foods you can consume instead.
  5. Treat yourself. Chocolate is life you guys! But an entire chocolate bar is not necessary to enjoy and savor chocolate. Use moderation, but don’t feel bad about eating decadant amazing cheeses or desserts that you love. 80/20 is way more sustainable than strict diet rules 100% of the time. This is about enjoying food and creating a healthy relationship with eating!

A couple other important notes:

  • Get rid of your scale! This weight isn’t going to come off in two weeks, and frequent weighing (especially for us women) can be depressing and discouraging. You can weigh at a friend’s house every month or two and avoid the pound obsession trap.
  • Learn to love your body like it is right now. This was and still is the hardest thing for me to remember. It is much easier and more pleasant to enjoy life, amazing meals, and moving your body when you aren’t thinking negative or punishing thoughts about your body.

In my next post and video, I will be talking about incorporating more movement into your life without doing much working out. (I didn’t work out at all to lose this weight!!)

Resources I mentioned:

Are you wanting to lose weight but don’t like dieting? Let me know your struggles in the comments below!

How I lost the baby weight + 10 more pounds WITHOUT working out!



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