What Laundry Once A Week Looks Like

So many people have asked me about my “How to do laundry once a week” post, that I thought I would give you an inside glimpse of what laundry day at our house looks like.

*You can learn why I prefer to have a set day for laundry and my other household tasks here.

You can also see my entire wardrobe in this post!


What is the laundry process in your household?

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One response to “What Laundry Once A Week Looks Like”

  1. Deb says:

    Your laundry is adorable. That would be about a load and a half at my house. My family of 5 creates about 8 full sized loads a week. While it wouldnt be totally impossible to get it done in one day, I LOVE hanging everything out on the line when it’s nice enough. I actually have 3 lines, so I can get a few on there (unless it’s sheets, they take up a ton of room). I do separate loads instead of just throwing whatever in for one each day- I just do whatever load has the most, and sometimes that means all the white socks and t-shirts only get done every 2 weeks, because I’m not bothering with half a load of anything (since my cloth diapering days are over).

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