How to only do laundry ONCE A WEEK

How To Only Do Laundry Once A Week |

Is laundry a never ending battle at your house?

I know the combination of muddy chore clothes, formal work outfits, and baby spit up on various and sundry outfits produces a decent amount of laundry at our house each day!

I like to feel a sense of completion each time I do a chore, so I choose to do my laundry just one day a week. (click here to see my entire weekly routine) It’s so much easier for me to do it all at once, rather than constantly “needing to do a few loads”.

I know you are probably thinking that there is NO WAY you could do an entire week’s worth of laundry in one day, but I am here to tell you that is is totally possible!

Here are my strategies for making it work:

1. Have a small wardrobe.

(Here is a peek into my minimalist closet!)

For kids, have a play outfit for each day of the week, plus a couple extras for accidents, messes, and spills, and a couple of nicer outfits for church or special occasions. This will be about 12 outfits total.

2. Restrict random outfit changes during the day.

I am all about giving kids license to express their own personality when it comes to style and clothing, but one outfit a day is plenty!

3. Re-wear any non dirty clothes.

Adults can especially implement this strategy. I can wear a pair of pants at least twice if I am not mucking out the chicken pen, or kneeling in the garden that day.

4. Have a dirty clothes basket in each bedroom, or in centrally located areas.

This lessens the probability of dirty clothes being tossed in a corner, or under a bed, and being missed on laundry day.

(This being said, I am still working on getting my husband to actually place the dirty clothes IN the basket, and not 6 feet away on the floor…)

Once you have implemented a few of these strategies, you will be set up for laundry success!


There are a couple different ways you can do laundry once a week, but here is how we do it:

Monday is our laundry day, so before I go to bed on Sunday night, I start my first load, just to get a head start on Monday morning. This is not necessary to make it work, but it just makes it a little easier for me.

I usually have 4 dark loads, 1 white load, and 1 permanent press load. That includes clothes for all five of us, all towels and sheets. Everything we use and need to wash, except for cloth diapers. (I wash those every 3 days). Click here to get my homemade BORAX FREE laundry detergent recipe!

First thing Monday morning, I move the load I started the night before, and start a new load.

The key is to pay close attention to when each load finishes, and immediately move it along. Keep repeating this process until all loads are finished.

Ideally, I like to fold each load as soon as it’s finished drying. I dump the whole load on the kitchen island, and fold into stacks for each person. If my day is not going as smoothly as I like, I may have to wait until the evening rolls around, and fold everything all at once.

When all the folding is done, the middle schooler puts his own stack away, and I put everything else away. If you leave stacks of clean laundry around, they will inevitably get knocked over, unfolded or dirty again. So, again, immediate action is best here.

This will probably look a little different  for each family.

Maybe washing one day, and folding the next, or washing during the day, and folding in the evening. Just tweak it to what works best for you!


So, keep your wardrobes from getting out of hand, and devote a day to doing laundry once a week. Then you can completely forget about the laundry room for the entire rest of the week!

Does your laundry drive you crazy??

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9 responses to “How to only do laundry ONCE A WEEK”

  1. Erin Blegen says:

    I’ve always wanted to select one day of the week as “wash day”, and when we had no running water for 2 1/2 years that is what I did- brought the laundry from our family of 5 into town to the laundromat. I was forced to do it all at once, folding and everything, and miss that. Now I do one load every day- which sometimes means they don’t get folded that day and are a wrinkled mess :(. However, I’ve been told that we should spread out our laundry rather than doing it all in one day so we don’t overload our septic…not sure how much truth there is to this?

    Thanks so much for sharing your organizational tips! Monday Wash Day sounds like a great way to make that dreaded start to the week go by nice and fast 😉


    • Angi says:

      Thanks for the question Erin! I never thought about the septic system! So, I called my dad (who owned a plumbing company for 25 years), and asked him about it. He said it might be an issue with a REALLY old or struggling septic system, especially if there has been a lot of rain, but a typical system should have no problem handling it. Here in our 1960’s house, I have never had any kind of issue with it, but the really old houses from the early 1900’s might be a problem…

  2. Since I want to hang clothes on the line, have a short line, and mobility issues, I never do all the laundry on one day. It is just me here, so I do laundry on my schedule or lack of schedule.
    1) One “wash” is a load of black blouses, pants, and sweaters.. This is only a rinse with vinegar in one tub of water. They hang in the house.
    2)Then, I have a load of gray pants that are just a rinse in vinegar, no wash and no detergents. The gray is line dried.
    3) I have a load of red and dark rose colored blouses that do get a wash and rinse in half a tub of water.
    4)A load of pastel blouses/tees get a wash and rinse and use only a half tub of water. I hang these on hangers to dry inside or out, depending on the weather.
    5)Then, there is a load of whites. Mostly, the load of whites is line-dried. I never do any but the whites every week or more often.

    The other loads are done about every ten days, depending on need and weather for hanging outdoors. Some days, the weather is fine and I have trouble getting whites outdoors. Maybe then I will use the dryer or line.

    I don’t have enough doorways to hang all the blouses and pants indoors and do all those loads of clothes on one day. Plus, some days I just don’t need to wash a load that needs more items in it. Plus, rain makes it difficult to even dry clothes indoors quickly and impossible outdoors.

  3. Cynthia H says:

    It’s just the two of us, so we don’t have the complications of diapers or dirty play clothes. Because both my husband and I work outside of the house (when things are going well), and because our dryer died a while ago and we haven’t been able to afford to fix it, we’ve started a system to get the laundry done over the weekend. Our loads are: Underwear (and lightly soiled), warm water wash, light cold water wash, dark cold water wash, red wash (if needed), towels, and sheets. We don’t do towels and sheets every week *blush* and there isn’t always enough red to bother with a separate red load (usually it’s cold water, old material, and I take my chances throwing it in with the cold darks!) We keep a three-bin laundry sorter in the bedroom so the laundry is mostly pre-sorted.
    My husband puts the underwear in Friday evening and hangs it out to dry before we go to bed Friday night. (If he’s done this early enough, I can also throw the warm load in and get it hung out Friday night too.) Saturday I haul the full cold load downstairs and put one load in to wash; if I’m on my game this is morning or mid-afternoon, so I can take down the dry underwear (and warms if they’re done) when I go back upstairs the first time, then when I go downstairs to hang out cold load #1 I can put in cold load #2. Then before we go to bed one of us hangs out cold load #2. (If we’re being efficient but missed Friday, we’ve got enough time to throw the warm load in Saturday night! We don’t have room enough to hang out all three loads though.) Sunday we take down the dry stuff from the cold loads, and (if need be) hang out whatever’s still in the washer. If I’m ahead of the game, this gives me Sunday to do sheets and towels. (Yes, I know, Sunday’s a day of rest, but laundry and cooking fall under the “ox in a ditch” rule! It’s gotta get done. That said, I prefer when I’ve got all the laundry done by Saturday . . . ) If I’m running behind, something ends up left on the lines till Monday morning, which makes getting dressed Monday morning a bit of a challenge . . .

  4. JC says:

    Mother always washed and hung out on Monday (no dryer), ironed on Tuesday, and everything was always in order. So nice to live with! Items that were to be ironed were brought in slightly damp, folded, and placed in the extra outdoor refrigerator overnight. When we got them out to iron, they’d steam nicely and iron perfectly crisp.

    I still like hanging some things out, but D likes dryer stuff, so I don’t do it often. When the boys were home, I tried to wash twice a week (sometimes had to be more) There was household stuff (sheets, towels), D’s machine shop stuff, boy play stuff (darks and socks), guy’s church clothes, guy’s whites, and my load (mostly all black, washed cold). When the guys got to be teens, they learned to take care of their own, some more than others. When all five of them were wearing the same size for a few years, it became their responsibility to figure out what belonged to whom. It all looked the same to me.

    Now that they’re all grown, I’m down to about four loads a week, and getting back into a Monday routine is a lovely idea. I think I need to go toss in a load!

  5. Kat says:

    I also try to do one load of laundry a day. I’ve heard that it’s kinder on the washer motor and helps it last longer. Who knows if that’s true. For me, since we have three darks loads (my guys get pretty dirty), a load of whites, reds (uniform shirts), lights, towels, sheets, and the extra load (I don’t do the mattress pad every week), I like to get a load done first thing in the morning. If I’m using the line to dry, it gives plenty of time for it to get dry and put away before lunch and I’m free the rest of the day. I enjoy not being frequently disrupted from my other tasks, which is not a luxury I get to enjoy if I let myself get behind, (typically I don’t let it go more than three loads a day.) I can appreciate how others would appreciate just get it done and not think about it for another week, too.!

  6. Karyn says:

    My mum always taught me to fold each clothing item as I take it off the line and put in the washing basket folded as I go. It doesn’t really take much longer doing it that way and it saves me having to fold later. I still do this to this day even if it has to be hung up on a hanger, as I find everything is less creased doing it this way. I also take the clothes off in order of each person so that way when I go to put the clothes away I’m not having to empty the basket to find each persons items, they are already grouped together. If I have to take off more than one load at a time I sometimes take out two or three baskets and just have one basket for each person.

    • Angi says:

      This is awesome Karyn! I use separate baskets for each person/room as well, but my clothesline has sadly not been built yet. I love your idea to fold as it comes off the line. I will remember this as soon as my line is up! THank you for the tip!

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