How I Do Laundry Once A Week + Clothesline Drying

I’ve definitely talked about laundry before.

In fact, I have an entire blog post on how to only do your laundry once a week. Today I am showing you exactly what that looks like for our household. Plus, I’m only using the clothesline to dry EVERYTHING.

Can I just say it is so awesome to finally have my clothesline

I also have a quick video showing how much laundry our family generates each week, so you can check that out here if you are interested.

How I Do Laundry Once A Week + Clothesline Drying. Follow along with me during my once a week laundry day!

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2 responses to “How I Do Laundry Once A Week + Clothesline Drying”

  1. Ashe Skyler says:

    I had to adapt to once-a-week when I started working six days a week and our dryer was busted. Up early in the morning to do the first load which is typically jeans due to how long they take to dry, start the second load before taking the first to the line, and repeat. I also found folding them as I took them off the line to be easier and a time saver since it hurts my back to try to fold while sitting on the couch or hovering over the bed.

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