Tips for incorporating movement into your life-WITHOUT working out!

In my last post, I shared how I have been able to lose all of the baby weight from my two recent pregnancies, plus 10 MORE pounds.

Without dieting or formally “working out”.

However, part of my success WAS due to incorporating more movement into my life each and every day. I have written before about how I incorporate movement with my daily chores living in the country and having to care for animals and a large garden. However, I don’t do intense chores enough for them to be the complete source of movement in my life. Plus, I know that many people live a very different lifestyle, and don’t need to do labor intensive work around their properties.

My solution is…


I love to walk. (Outdoors, NOT on a treadmill!) I walk every single day. Even in the rain! If the weather is too inclement for me to be out long, then I sometimes add in 15-20 min of yoga, or walk up and down our stairs a bunch of times.

It doesn’t have to be walking though! If rowing, running, volleyball, or dancing float your boat, then pick one of those!

The key is to pick an activity that you love, and that you can do almost every day.

Tips for incorporating movement into your life, WITHOUT working out!

How do you incorporate movement into your daily life?

ps- If you love working out, then by all means work out! There is absolutely nothing wrong with working out, I just don’t care for it, so I have found the above solutions to creating more movement in my life.

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