In other news for June

We found a house and some land we like! The house is a little bigger than the one we are in now, and is so cute. It has an awesome 2 car garage, and it is on 10 ACRES! It is mostly wooded, but it would allow us time to gradually convert it to pasture as we have the time and money, rather than immediately having 10 acres of grass we have to mow. Who knows if we will be able to actually get this one, but we will see…

Finn went swimming for the first time! He loved the water, and kicked and splashed away. He will be 3 months tomorrow, and is creeping up on 18 pounds! Where did my newborn go??

Finn in the pool

He has also discovered his voice, and just babbles away- especially in the car.

Kelston is out of school, and we are trying to do a couple of fun things each week. So far this week, he has spent 3 days at his grandparents, gone swimming almost every day, and is going to see a Tarzan play tomorrow with some of his buddies.

Anybody have any brilliant, cheap, summer activity ideas that I can do with an almost 10 year old and a baby??


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4 responses to “In other news for June”

  1. We’ve been looking for land without a house on it for the last 2.5 years. We’ve been under contract once, and put in a few offers here and there…it’s been quite the process. Exciting that you have something in the works! I’d love to know where.

    Finn is too cute!

    PS. I haven’t forgotten about that scoby baby…we’re out of town now, and I hope it’s still alive when I get back. 🙂 I’ll ask my husband to dump a bunch of sugar in there for it to eat and be in touch next month when we are home!

    • Angi says:

      Jacqueline, I have enjoyed following your land searching stories on your blog too! The property we are looking at is out in Montpelier, just a few minutes away from where we are living now. Hope you are having a wonderful time in Maine! It sounds so awesome!

  2. Christie says:

    Finn is such a darling! Love hearing him jabber. How exciting about the land. Hope it all works out for y’all. Activities with kelston…hmmm, I’ll have to think on that one. Enjoy reading your blog.

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