How To Get The Highest Yield From Your Tomato Plants

For me, there is nothing quite like the smell of fresh tomatoes on the vine.

We like to cook with tomatoes in so many ways! I love to eat them fresh in the summer, and use dried or canned tomatoes in winter dishes.

However, sometimes you can end up growing lovely tomato plants, but not always having an awesome crop of actual tomatoes.

Here are a few tips to help you maximize your harvest this summer.


1. Planting

When you plant your tomatoes, put a crushed eggshell, and a scoop of compost in the bottom of the hole. Plant the seedling deeper than it was in it’s original pot, and gently tamp the soil around it.

2. Suckers

After a couple of weeks, begin checking your plants for “suckers”. Suckers are small shoots that grow in the crook between the main stalk and a branch of the plant. They don’t produce any fruit, and only “suck” nutrients from the plant, so we pinch them off so all the plant’s energy can go to the actual tomatoes.

Get the highest yield from your tomato plants |

3. Staking

Stake your plants when they can no longer hold up their own weight, and keep tying them to the stake as they grow.

4. Pruning

Lastly, trim all the branches 6-8″ from the ground so that it’s easier to water, and more likely keep pests from crawling up from the ground.

This should increase the tomato yield from each plant. and give you lots of lovely tomatoes for eating and canning!

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