Evening Routine (with kids)

My husband works a lot of hours. I mean a LOT of hours.

That translates to me parenting solo most of the week.

Can any of you mama’s relate? I’m betting you can. 

The evenings seem to be the most challenging part of this for me. I’ve been working, running the house, and parenting all day, and all I really want is to share the parenting of these little people with my husband for a couple hours before we wind down for bed.

Having an evening routine is what saves me from losing my mind during this season of our lives.

My evening routine also sets me up for success the next morning. Going to bed with a clean and tidy kitchen and house means getting up to a clean and tidy kitchen and house, and that is one of my favorite things ever. 🙂

Having an evening routine also helps ensure that I am taking time for myself (or time for us to hang out as a couple if my husband gets home before I go to bed). One of the biggest things I have learned is that I am a much better mother and wife if I consistently take the time to take care of myself. For me that means plenty of good quality sleep, movement in the fresh air and sunshine, quiet time to read, watch my favorite cooking show, or take a bath.

Evenings can be harried and frustrating with hungry fussy kids to be fed and gotten to bed, dishes to be done, and a house to be tidied. Here is an evening routine that streamlines our evenings and makes them more enjoyable and smooth.

I would love to hear about your evenings! Do you wish things would go more smoothly? What routines do you have that you love?


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4 responses to “Evening Routine (with kids)”

  1. Vanessa says:

    This was helpful-Thank you! Just wondering when do you do bath time for the kids on nights when they’re having a bath?

    • Angi says:

      Hi Vanessa! Ok, so first of all, I am not a believer in bathing my kids every day, so it usually happens about 2-3 times a week. Usually, I just try to wrap up my routine a little earlier so they can have their bath.(It also doesn’t take quite as long when I am not videoing myself. 🙂 ) It only takes a few minutes for their bath because I stick the little ones in the tub together, wash them, and get them out. I let my 2 year old play in the tub while I get the baby dressed in the bathroom, then get him out and ready for bed. So basically I do it right before they go to bed. Does that make sense? Oh, and our middle schooler showers in the morning.

  2. Tim says:

    Wow Angi, That’s impressive!

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