Eating grass fed beef on a budget

Grass fed beef is amazing tasting, and it is so nutritious and good for our bodies. Finding it in stores is hit or miss, and always expensive!

We have found that the best way to be able to eat good beef all year round, is to participate in a beef share system.

We LOVE our local Boxwood Beef here in Central VA! We have gotten a 1/4 share (1/4 of a cow) for the last 2 years, and this year we moved to a 1/2 share.

Boxwood is unique in that they 1.) breed and raise all of their animals from birth to butchering, and 2.) they grow their own (non GMO!) grain that their cows are given limited access to.  Their animals are all hormone and antibiotic free as well.

Some things to be aware of when finding a grass fed beef share system:

  1. The price may give you a little sticker shock at first, because it is such a large amount of meat at one time, but when you look at the price per pound, the savings are incredible. We are able to get every cut of meat for about the same price per pound as the cheapest commercial ground beef is at a store! Your grocery budget will thank you. 🙂
  2. You definitely need an extra freezer for this! I suggest looking on Craigslist, or your local classified’s . (we love using our extra freezer for garden stuff as well!)
  3. These beef share farms are usually family owned and operated, so be prepared to either drive to the farm to pick up your share, or meet them in the nearest big city that they deliver to. Boxwood is great about delivering, and they sometimes bring it directly to our house, depending on how busy the season is for them!
Beef Share

Photo credit Boxwood Beef

Why grass fed??

  • Cows are meant to eat grass, hay, and limited real grain, not GMO feed and antibiotics
  • Cows are also meant to roam free, not be cooped up in a horrible feed lot
  • Cows (and therefore the people who eat them) are much healthier when not cooped up in said feed lots
  • Grass fed beef is much higher in Vitamin E, CLA, and Omega 3’s

When I was really young, my dad worked on a pig farm, (the feed lot kind) and it was completely AWFUL. Dead pigs and sickness were rampant, and antibiotics were given on a ongoing basis. He had to wear a mask every day, and was almost constantly sick from the fumes and gasses of the muck they were in.

I have also seen some beef lots, and they are possibly even worse. So for those skeptics, take it from me, it really is as bad as the documentaries portray it to be…

So, take the time. Find a beef share farm near you, and reap the health, (and financial) benefits every time you use that yummy beef!



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