Earth Runners- A Review

As an adult, I have always struggled with my feet aching if I ever have to stand for any longer than 30 minutes at a time.

I have gone through many expensive shoes with cushioned bottoms and arch support, and they would usually work for a little while, but then my feet would be back to aching…

A huge part of my earthing experiment

that I talked about earlier this week, included going barefoot outside for 30-40 minutes each day. In the beginning I dreaded it a bit, because going barefoot made my feet ache more than anything else, but as I did it more and more, they gradually stopped aching. I was curious about this, so I started going barefoot around the house as much as possible to see how my feet would feel with longer barefoot sessions,

And guys, I’m telling you-my feet stopped aching completely!!!! 

It got so much better that I started dreading having to wear shoes instead!!! I got rid of most of my shoes this spring, and was wearing a cheap pair of sandals with a very thin sole that felt somewhat like going barefoot. They were fine for going out to get groceries, or visiting a friend, but they gave me blisters on top of my feet if I walked very far in them. So, last month, I started looking into minimalist footwear, and I actually found a decent amount of options out there.

As I was looking through all the different products, I stumbled upon a gold mine. A minimalist “barefoot style” shoe, that also provides earthing!

Enter: Earth Runners

Let me just say, I am not a runner by any means, but I do walk. I walk A LOT.  These shoes were originally designed for barefoot style running or hiking, but I purchased them to be my all-purpose summer shoe.

I chose the Circadian style

because I felt like it best suited my personal needs for an all-purpose shoe.

Earth Runners

Here is the description from their website:

“Earth Runners combine ancient design with modern manufacturing to create the ultimate sandal experience. Lightweight and durable in design our sandals are built to hold up in all outdoor applications for years to come.

Our Circadian Earth Runners features a custom molded 6mm high performance Vibramtread that offers the closest thing to going barefoot. Our signature lacing system features a locking buckle that combines adjustability and comfort into a free and easy ride.

Earth Runner’s Barefoot Technology  allows for energy flow between the foot and earth. Both our copper inserts and conductive laces ground you electrically by allowing electron transfer from the planet – direct to your body.

All our sandals are made in a small factory in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Footbed – Custom molded, lightweight, 6mm Vibram tread : Sport Utility

Conductive Inserts – Our original design features conductive copper insets curving at the toe bases in the shape of Fibonacci’s ‘Golden Mean’ spiral.  A central copper inset approximates the location of Kidney 1 – a major acupuncture point of the body located centrally on the sole of the foot.

Conductive Laces: Our copper impregnated conductive laces attach to a copper plug on the bottom of the sandal allowing you to stay grounded to the earth throughout the day.

Nylon Laces: For both our nylon and conductive lacing options we use fine weave climbing grade  webbing attached through corrosive resistant loops to ensure the life of the laces. A locking buckle secures the laces in place while holding the heel strap up and providing added downhill stability.

Leather Bedding: Dark brown suede leather adds comfort and moisture wicking capabilities to to the footbed while helping your sandals form to your feet.  Bedding free offers superior foot traction when wet, however the suede leather offers a natural and beautiful looking alternative”

I chose to get mine with the conductive inserts and laces for grounding purposes,

but I wanted more traction, so I did not get the leather bedding option. I got them in the mail a few weeks ago, and I have been wearing them ever since!

The nylon straps are easy to adjust to your foot, and once you have them in place, you can just slip them on and off without adjusting each time. They have great traction, and I haven’t slipped at all while wearing them. They look like a pair of basic black sandals when they are on, and absolutely no one notices that they have conductive inserts and laces. I can wear them with anything, and I even tend to forget that they are on, because they feel so close to going barefoot!

I literally wear these things EVERY SINGLE DAY!

I did take the Earth Runners off, and donned a pair of gorgeous, uncomfortable, high heels for my date night with my husband last weekend, which I was so happy to ditch as soon as we got home. 🙂

I also took the Earth Runners out for a quick jog, just to test the feel of them while running. So to all my running friends- they are awesome! Here they are on me!

Earth Runners

Interested in giving them a try?

Earth Runners offers a No Risk 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

Have you ever tried minimalist or grounding footwear?


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