Dill Pickle Success!!

So, a week ago I tried a small batch of dill pickles. I haven’t made pickles in years, and I wanted to see if we like the recipe before I made a lot of them. 

I used this recipe from Old World Garden Farms, and they turned out to be awesome! The perfect dill taste, and nice and crunchy. Granted, they are only a week old, so I will be interested to see how the crunchiness stays as time goes on. I definitely plan on making more using this recipe!

Dill Pickles

Matthew also likes bread and butter style pickles, so that may be my next pickle experiment…


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2 responses to “Dill Pickle Success!!”

  1. Amy Guzman says:

    I was looking at that beautiful jar you used in your dill pickle picture, but I am a little confused about how you can with them. Are they fermented? Because I can understand how they work for fermenting, but not for canning. Please explain, I would like to get my hands on those awesome looking jars!

  2. Georgene says:

    I was wondering how your pickles did over time? Can you share the recipe?

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