A Day In The Life~ Baking Day

Does the daily life of other people interest you at all?

If not, then forgive this video, and pass on.

However, if you are like me, you might find inspiration and ideas from other people’s daily lives and habits. I know I have learned quite a few things from talking to and watching other people in their daily lives, and I really enjoy watching “day in the life” videos of people I follow on YouTube. So here is a typical week day for us, which happens to be baking day this time.

I might to do a couple more “day in the life” videos over the year, and they will be examples of other days of the week so you can catch a glimpse of our cleaning and laundry days, etc. 

Here are the links to the two recipes I baked in the video:

Sandwich style bread

Muffins from Nourishing Traditions  (I added blueberries and streusel)

Do you enjoy this type of video?

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