How Dirty Is My House The Day Before Cleaning?

We have 3 kids.

I only clean my house once a week, plus a quick wipe down of the bathrooms mid week.

My 2 year old is definitely not a miraculously clean miniature person.

My husband is not a naturally tidy person.

So, what does our house look like a week after it was last cleaned?

Check it out and see!


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What are your favorite tips and tricks for keeping your home clean without constantly cleaning? We love to learn from our readers!

How dirty does my house get in a week with three kids around? Here is a tour of my house the day before cleaning.


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2 responses to “How Dirty Is My House The Day Before Cleaning?”

  1. Carla MC says:

    Wow! For me, your house is not messy as the other. If you really need help from the house cleaners , just check in your nearby areas if it has cleaning companies available to help you out.

  2. Take Rubbish says:

    Wow, What a fantastic blog. Thanks for sharing.

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