Children’s Capsule Wardrobe

As the name of this blog implies, I am all about keeping things simple in our lives.

A huge part of that simplicity comes from our wardrobes. I have done several posts on my discovery of the 10 item wardrobe inspired by Jennifer Scott, and I completely adore that method of keeping my wardrobe stylish, high quality, and minimal. If you would like to learn more about my 1o item wardrobe, you can watch these videos here:

I am a firm convert to the 10 item wardrobe, but recently I have been getting lots of questions about my children’s wardrobes, and whether I use the 10 item wardrobe with them as well.

The simple answer is no. I don’t use quite the same concept for them because at this age, they tend to only be able to wear an item once before it gets dirt, snot, oatmeal, pee, or some other such lovely substance on it. So 10 items plus a few extras would be a little too minimal for them.

I still want to keep their wardrobes as small as possible, so I make them their own children’s capsule wardrobes.

What’s the difference you may ask? Basically, when I put together my children’s capsule wardrobes, I aim for a total of 10 OUTFITS.

These are composed of tops and bottoms that can almost all mix and match, with a few dresses thrown in for my daughter. The key is to get things that are interchangeable! In the video, I show you my younger children’s capsule wardrobes and explain how it all works!

Do you use a capsule wardrobe for your children?

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