Chasing chickens…in my nightgown

We have a fox problem. So far, he has only gotten one of our chickens, but he keeps appearing in the early morning and at dusk. So, until we get him, we have been keeping our chickens in a large, movable, mesh fence. That way they can eat grass and bugs every day, but also not be pooping on our neighbor’s porch or getting eaten by foxes.

When I looked out the window yesterday morning, I saw that one of the doors on the chicken coop had been blown open in the crazy storm we had the night before, and ALL 16 chickens were scattered around the yard. I went rushing out to collect them and put them back in their fence. If you have ever been around chickens, you will know that they are not very keen on being caught.

They gave me an epic chase, but I was slowly making progress, and with about half of the chickens still out, I realized that I was still wearing my nightgown.


I felt somewhat ridiculous, but decided to just finish putting the chickens away before going and changing into real clothes.

My apologies neighbors…


And no, there are no pictures with this post. Thankfully, nothing was caught on camera.  🙂

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