Follow along on a day in our lives and learn how I garden, cook, and clean with little kids in tow!

Day In The Life| Gardening, Cleaning, & Cooking

  Mentioned in the video: Morning Routine How Jen Does It - Zone cleaning Sourdough Bread Recipe Sourdough Waffle Recipe ...
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Fall breakfast inspiration! Pumpkin, cozy, and healthy!

Fall Breakfast Inspiration

Mentioned in the video: Buckwheat Pancake Recipe Pumpkin Muffin Recipe (I reduce the sugar) Baked Oatmeal Recipe See how I ...
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See how I did a complete closet makeover to create a much fresher, brighter home for my 10 Item Wardrobe!

10 Item Wardrobe Closet Makeover

See how I did a complete closet makeover to create a much fresher, brighter home for my 10 Item Wardrobe! ...
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Tour my toddler and pre-schooler's bedroom to see how I organize and store their toys and capsule wardrobes!

Kids’ Room Organization

Kids' Room Organization   Tour my toddler and pre-schooler's bedroom to see how I organize and store their toys and ...
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My Favorite Podcasts

My Favorite Podcasts!   Up First (NPR) Wise Traditions The Simple Sophisticate French Kiss Life Sustainable Dish Living Homegrown Katy ...
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Master Bedroom Makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover!   Come see my master bedroom makeover reveal! I worked on this for a week in September, ...
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Take an in-depth tour of my kitchen organization, and see how I balance minimalism with practicality!

Kitchen Organization Tour

Take an in-depth tour of my kitchen organization! Mentioned in the video: Real Food Pantry Tour How We Save Money ...
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10 Item Wardrobe Fall 2017

Here is my 10 Item Wardrobe for Fall 2017!   In this video I am featuring Hilary from My So ...
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See my permaculture garden as it transitions from summer to fall. Take the video tour!

Permaculture Garden Tour-September 2017

Take the garden tour in September! Other garden tours: May June July August How to compost quickly.  ...
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My methods and ideas for fall cleaning with little kids around.

Fall Cleaning With Little Kids

Today I am talking through my fall cleaning process that I adopted once I began having kids.   Mentioned in ...
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My Natural Skin-Care Routine.

My Skin-Care Routine | Natural Skin-Care Favorites

Here is my much requested skin-care routine plus all my natural skin-care favorites! (Because you guys know I am a ...
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Follow along on a rainy day in the life with me, planning and prepping for my grocery haul the next day, budgeting, and working on the Youtube channel.

Day In The Life- Rainy Day, Planning, & Prep

Follow along on a rainy day in the life with us planning and prepping for our town and grocery trip ...
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Mamas, are you sick of hopping up and down a million times each meal to meet the needs of your family? Me too. These are the changes I have made to make mealtimes more peaceful and enjoyable for our family.

The Peaceful Meal | A Guide For Busy Moms

Mamas, are you sick of hopping up and down a million times each meal to meet the needs of your ...
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How I Do Laundry Once A Week + Clothesline Drying

I've definitely talked about laundry before. In fact, I have an entire blog post on how to only do your ...
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The permaculture garden in August.

Garden Tour~August 2017

Take the tour! Previous Garden Tours: May 2017 June 2017 July 2017 See how I created my permaculture style garden ...
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What's in my real food summer fridge?

What’s In My Fridge~Summer Edition

What's In My Fridge? The summer edition...   Things mentioned in the video: How To Save Money On Grass Fed ...
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Summer Preserving

Summer Preserving

A look at the summer preserving I am doing this week.   Mentioned in the video: How To Preserve Peaches ...
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What’s In My Handbag | NO MORE DIAPER BAG!

Take a peek inside to see the contents of my handbag!   Plus, celebrate with me as I move on ...
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Spring Summer 10 item wardrobe update

Summer 10 Item Wardrobe Update & What I Am Reading

Want to know how my summer 10 item wardrobe is working for me this year? (Hint, you may be surprised ...
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Tour my permaculture garden in midsummer. Zone 7a, Northern Hemisphere.

Midsummer Garden Tour~ July 2017

Tour my midsummer garden in July 2017. Zone 7a, Northern Hemisphere. See the garden in May and June 2017 as ...
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Tour my permaculture garden in June

Garden Tour~June 2017

Tour my garden the first week in June 2017! I used a permaculture method to create my garden, and I ...
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100% Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread Recipe & How to grind wheat

Sourdough Bread & How To Grind Wheat

This recipe is the best basic sourdough bread I have found to-date! It's from Shannon at Nourishing Days, and I love ...
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Do you feel like you are constantly surrounded by a mess of kid's toys? Here is how we have simplified kids toys in our household to avoid that problem.

Simplifying Kid’s Toys

Recently, so many mamas have been telling me how overwhelmed they are with the mess their little ones create all ...
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A Week Of Healthy Breakfasts 1

A Week Of Healthy Breakfast Inspiration

Need healthy breakfast inspiration? Look no further! Here is a week of breakfasts in our home. (We eat an all ...
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Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse Kitchen Tour~ Gregory Family Farms

Note from Angi~I am so excited to show you guys this gorgeous remodeled farmhouse kitchen this week! This is a ...
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How To Make Your Own Dried Apples |

How We Save Money On Organic Food | Buying In Bulk

Eating organic food is a big priority in our home, but the grocery bill can add up WAY too quickly ...
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Permaculture Garden May 2017

Garden Tour~ May 2017

Can I share with you one of the biggest pleasures in my life? It's pretty basic, but it brings me ...
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A Week of Outfits For Spring~ 10 Item Wardrobe

A Week Of Outfits For Spring~ 10 Item Wardrobe

In this video I am showing you the outfits I wore for a week this spring using my 10 item ...
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How to keep your vehicle clean and tidy ~ Busy Mom's edition

How To Keep Your Vehicle Clean And Tidy~Busy Mom’s Edition

Does anyone else out there despise vacuuming their vehicle? I do.  Years ago when I first started having to drive ...
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Tour My Closet~10 Item Wardrobe

Every time I want a chuckle, I go look at my old "minimalist" closet tour post from a few years ...
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A Day In The Life~ Baking Day

Does the daily life of other people interest you at all? If not, then forgive this video, and pass on ...
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Children’s Capsule Wardrobe

As the name of this blog implies, I am all about keeping things simple in our lives. A huge part ...
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A Week Of Meals For Springtime

Need some meal planning inspiration? We eat in rhythm with the seasons, and this is a week of meals for ...
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Simplifying Children’s Birthday Parties

Have you attended a young child's birthday party in the last couple of years? Chances are that if you have ...
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What Laundry Once A Week Looks Like

So many people have asked me about my "How to do laundry once a week" post, that I thought I ...
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10 Item Wardrobe Spring/Summer 2017

It's the first day of spring, and I am sharing my 10 item wardrobe for this spring/summer (2017). I'm really ...
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Whitening Toothpaste Recipe

What? Whitening? That toothpaste looks BLACK! Yes, it's black. Yes, it also WHITENS your teeth! After a while, all the ...
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Simple and easy ways to beautify your life on a daily basis.

Beautify Your Life

We all need a little more beauty in our lives, am I right?  Well, today I am talking about ways ...
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A tour of what I keep in my pantry and how I organize it.

Pantry Organization Tour

This week I am opening up my pantry to show you what I keep inside, and how I organize it ...
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Evenings can be harried and frustrating with hungry fussy kids to be fed and gotten to bed, dishes to be done, and a house to be tidied. Here is an evening routine that streamlines our evenings and makes them more enjoyable and smooth.

Evening Routine (with kids)

My husband works a lot of hours. I mean a LOT of hours. That translates to me parenting solo most ...
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6 ways to simplify christmas this year.

6 Ways To Simplify Christmas

I have a confession.  Christmas wasn't a holiday I looked forward to until after I had kids. All the mad ...
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Do you think "morning people" are lucky? The good news is that we can ALL make changes to make us a little more of a morning person.

How To Become A Morning Person

"You are so lucky you are a morning person." I can't even begin tell you how many times in my ...
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Get a sneak peak at our favorite menu planning tips, plus a free downloadable menu planning form!

Menu Planning Tips

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. One of the biggest things I talk about on my channel ...
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Are your mornings crazy and stressful? Here is a real life morning routine that keeps mornings sane and enjoyable!

Morning Routine (with kids)

Ah, my mornings. I love them. Ok, so I don't always love prying myself out of my nice cozy bed, ...
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6 ways to simplify Thanksgiving this year. Enjoy your holiday. Have a beautiful home without all the stress!

6 Ways To Simplify Thanksgiving

It's funny how the holiday season always seems to sneak up on the majority of the world.  Christmas is always ...
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Easy strategies for keeping a clean and tidy home while homeschooling

Keeping a clean and tidy home while homeschooling

In this week's video, we are talking about how to keep a clean and tidy home while homeschooling. Homeschooling alone ...
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How dirty does my house get in a week with three kids around? Here is a tour of my house the day before cleaning.

How Dirty Is My House The Day Before Cleaning?

We have 3 kids. I only clean my house once a week, plus a quick wipe down of the bathrooms mid ...
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Minimalist Cleaning Supplies

I was going through all the cleaners that were stashed under the bathroom sink, muttering not-so-nice words under my breath ...
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Fall/Winter 10 Item capsule wardrobe for 2016. Learn about the 10 item wardrobe and how you can transform your life by creating your own 10 item wardrobe!

10 Item Wardrobe Fall/Winter 2016

I used to think I had a "minimalist wardrobe". I also used to think that I didn't really care much ...
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Cleaning motivation, and why a clean and tidy home matters!

Cleaning Motivation

Believe it or not, I actually don't enjoy cleaning. I don't hate it, but it's also not on the list ...
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