All the things I am going to learn how to do…

The other day, I told Matthew that my goal for the next year or so is to learn how to do more projects, and things in and around the house. The kind of stuff that I usually would just let him do. (He got a somewhat worried look on his face as I was explaining this to him.)

I have always been a fairly independent type of person, but I have also been pretty content to let other people handle stuff that I am not very interested in.

As an example:

I have used a chainsaw a couple of times on trees that were already on the ground, but mostly I have always let someone else do that part, and I just hauled and stacked the cut up wood. So, in theory, I can operate a chainsaw and cut down trees, but mention that to my brother, dad, or husband, and they will wince at the thought.

This weekend, after I made my proclamation, Matthew attempted to explain the workings of all the struts, springs, shocks, and bolt stuff he was replacing in my car. I assured him that I am still completely content to let him keep our cars in working condition, and mechanical stuff was not what I was wanting to learn. I think he was pretty relieved!

I made an actual list, so I can mark them off as I learn, and so you all can chuckle as you think of my poor husband trying to teach me all this stuff.

  • Be able to start things with a pull chain. They have always gotten the better of me and my temper. I’m sure this involves some pure muscle, as well as a better technique.
  • Actually be able to make a hole with a post hole digger. Again, probably technique and more muscle.
  • Cut down trees with a chainsaw
  • Split wood (I have actually done this before, and wasn’t TOO bad. Just need to re-learn)
  • Build a post and wire fence. Anyone notice the trend here? I’m trying to prepare for someday when we have our own land, and need to do lots of work on it. 🙂
  • Use any kind of electric saw. Those things scare me.

I do want to add that I CAN do stuff like mow, weed eat, and trim bushes. As a side note, I also managed to “trim” the extension cord that the trimmer was plugged in to the last time I used it. That was pretty neat.

If I learn all the stuff listed above, and brush up on my awesome hammer and nail skills, I should be a little more helpful as we work on projects together in the next couple of years.  Much comic relief will probably be provided in the interim as well!!! More posts on this topic (with pictures) to come!

For now, here is some picture documentation of the last time I attempted to do any wood splitting- December 2010.

Splitting woodSplitting woodSplitting wood

Unfortunately, all that was documented after my awesome splitting was this next picture…Splitting wood

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3 responses to “All the things I am going to learn how to do…”

  1. Sherri says:

    This made me laugh! Good memories. Love the list & I’m sure you’ll get them all marked off.

  2. Marci says:

    LOL 🙂 Good luck!
    Dying laughing remembering the whole extension cord incident! 🙂

  3. Pamela says:

    Awesome, just awesome!! Keep it up and keep on learning all of that and some more.
    Weed eater skills for me are I can start one and use it fairly well when needed. But I told my husband there isn’t a landscaping business around that would ever hire me. I would scalp everyone’s yard…LOL!!

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