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As a wife, a working, and now stay-at-home mother of 3 young children, I have always looked for ways to make my home run more smoothly and easily. Because lets face it, it takes a lot of energy and effort to run kids to school, keep up with toddlers, nurse a baby, wipe butts, and serve your family healthy meals on a consistent basis. Not to mention keeping a decent looking house, managing bills, and attempting to keep up with the laundry. Over the last few years, I have experimented with all the things I learned while growing up, and applied a few new ideas that now keep my house running like clockwork with minimal exertion on my part.


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Having raised and homeschooled four kids while helping to run a family-owned business, I look back on what made that possible and what made it successful.  Over the years, I developed methods, techniques, and strategies to enable me to run my home in an efficient and (mostly) stress-free manner, allowing me to preserve my sanity, put focus on the schooling, spend time with my family, entertain, and travel.  At various times, I also worked as a personal chef and did professional organizing for clients.  

I’ve always wanted my home to be our haven; a place my husband wanted to come home to and my kids wanted to bring their friends.  Though we are almost empty nesters, this is still true to this day.

I’m not raising small children, changing diapers, or teaching school, but life moves on and enters different phases and has its own set of challenges.   The techniques I’ve used over the years still apply today. The same house needs to be kept clean, laundry still has to be done, and we still need three meals a day. Yet I need free time now more than ever because…. grandbabies!  So while having a well-run home is extremely important to me, being a slave to it is not! 


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If you need help to achieve a clean and tidy home, healthy meals, and a stress free schedule, then you are in the right place!

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