10 Item Wardrobe Spring/Summer 2017

It’s the first day of spring, and I am sharing my 10 item wardrobe for this spring/summer (2017).

I’m really excited about this year’s wardrobe because I got to pick out quite a few new items. As you can see in my spring/summer wardrobe from 2016, I had just had a baby and my wardrobe was a mix of temporary items to get me through the season until I lost more of the baby weight and wasn’t constantly nursing.

Here is a list of the core items I show you in the video above:

  1. Cream lace overlay dress
  2. Navy blue lace overlay dress
  3. Peach pants
  4. White pants
  5. Skinny jeans (only for spring)
  6. Grey chino shorts
  7. Denim long shorts
  8. Khaki shorts (only for summer)
  9. Pale blue sleeveless blouse
  10. Pale pink sleeveless blouse
  11. White lacy sleeveless blouse

*As I explain in the video, I tend to abandon jeans as soon as it starts to get really hot, so I will replace them with the khaki shorts once the heat sets in. 


  • T-Shirts (seafoam green, emerald green, pale rose, black and white stripe, and black)
  • Gardening clothes (Old dark grey shorts, linen khaki shorts from last summer that are a little too big, and three sleeveless tops from last summer that are a little worn or too big.)

You can also see my 10 item wardrobe for spring/summer 2016 and fall/winter 2016.

Again, many many thanks to Jennifer L. Scott at the Daily Connoisseur for introducing the 10 item wardrobe concept to me a couple years ago!

Have you given the 10 item wardrobe a try yet? What did you think?

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